Some photos for fun and some just wonderful!

Kuma & Savanna serving as bookends for the dog encyclopedia on their very own dog couch

Schooners face succumbs to gravity, as viewed from below, as she stands on top of Jürgen, ready for further licking duty...

Winnie is here below with her 'kids'

Adelaide on left, Sara on right. Photographer, owner, mother - Heather Fitzgerald

Winnie is one of Summer's pups from our "L" litter

Above left - Jurgen and "Sierra"

Abover right "Fred" with Pat's mom

Below - a lovely batch of puppy therapy.

And as always, puppies are a hit, and the 'puppy' below is 'Blue' from our C litter. Pictured here with Madoc, photos by Judy Tailpale.