About Us...

At Seelöwen Leonbergers, we take great care in researching, breeding and raising our Leo's. We breed only dogs that are healthy and have friendly dispositions.

They are important members of our household. Their fun-loving, loyal and affectionate temperament make them excellent family companions.

We are members of the L.C.A and follow their strict code of ethics (breeding guidelines) and mentor policy.
We are also C.K.C. & L.C.C. members.

Tests that we do for both males and females in our breeding program are:

Hips and elbows x-rays, eye cerf, full blood panel, LPN1 & 2

Located 100 miles north of Vancouver, British Columbia, on the Sunshine Coast

"Seelöwen" means

'sea lion' in German

-background photo credit- Tom Koleszar

Photo below, our 2 daughters Jesyka and Skye...

... puppy therapy